Partagas Culebras Cigars

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Length: 5 7/8”
Ring Gauge: 39
Strength: full
Country of Origin: Cuba
Packaging: box of 3 twisted cigars

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Culebras in Spanish means snakes. It comprises of three cigars twisted together tightly in a spiral fashion.

It first appeared in Philippines circa mid-19th Century, a Philippines cigar industry invention. This is probably the reason why most major Philippines cigar manufactures are still producing them today. It was created based on the theory that a thicker cigar can mature better. The culebras was designed to enable a small ring gauge cigar to mature as well as a thick ring gauge cigar.

The culebras is considered by the Philippines cigar industry as a form of packaging rather than an individual vitola. This type of packaging slowly spread to the cigar industries of other countries.

The Cuban cigar industry never took the culebras seriously and very few culebras were manufactured in the pre and post-Revolution era. The Cubans have their own version of ‘culebras’. The bundles in Cabinets in 25’s or 50’s are in fact giant ‘culebras’ of 25 or 50 cigars.

The H. Upmann, Romeo y Julieta, and Partagas were the only brands that had produced them since the Revolution. They are all extremely rare.

In late 2000, the Partagas brand started to produce the Culebras again in decent quantities and is the only brand that still makes them.

They are supposed to be smoke one at a time. But if you want to smoke all three at the same time, why not? They are made for fun anyway.




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