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Ramon Allones Cigars


Ramon Allones cigars Pre-Revolution history

The brand Ramon Allones was registered by the brothers Antonio and Ramon Allones in the year 1845. The address was their La Eminencia Factory, located at no. 129 Animas Street, Havana.

Ramon Allones is accredited to be the first brand to use color lithography in cigar box trimmings as well as the inventor of the cigar band. It is also believed to be the first brand to use the ”898” form of packaging.

The Ramon Allones brand went through different ownerships. In 1911 it was purchased by British funds ”Allones Limited”. The Partagas Factory bought the brand in 1927 and Ramon Allones cigars have manufactured by the Partagas Factory since then.

At the time of the Revolution, Ramon Allones was the second most important brand produced by the Partagas Factory, after the brand Flor de Tabacos de Partagas.

Post-Revolution History

Production remained uninterrupted after the Revolution. Being produced by the Partagas Factory, this brand shares a lot of common characteristics with Partagas, both in terms of robust flavors, vitolas, and packaging.

Production was always on a much smaller scale compared with Partagas.

Characteristics of Ramon Allones cigars:

Floral, exotic nuts, exotic herbs, honey sweetness with medium toasted tobacco taste as a background is the hallmark taste of Ramon Allones cigars. These flavors are presented in great complexity and balance. For hand-made models, when adequately matured, they must be the best Havana available, of the ”new school Cuban taste”.

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