Touchscreen Feature to Be Added in Apple’s AirPod Cases

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According to reports, Apple has confirmed a new design feature for its AirPod Pro case: a built-in touchscreen display. This could potentially become a feature on the next generation of AirPods, allowing users to scroll through music and adjust the volume directly from the case.

The patent for this new feature, titled “Devices, Methods, and Graphical User Interface Interactions with a Headphones Case,” was filed in September 2021 and included various possible designs for the future. “The utility of a headphone case can be enhanced, and user control over a user’s wireless headphones can be improved, by configuring a headphone case with an interactive user interface to enable user control of operations associated with the wireless headphones,” the patent read.

The new model is also rumored to include playback controls for associated apps like Apple Music, as well as the ability to change audio sources, output modes, and volume adjustment options with haptic feedback. Additionally, the case could feature certain hand gestures and tactile feedback to adjust settings for music, such as swipes, taps, and squeezing the case. These options could also activate Siri or trigger noise cancellation and transparency.

With the addition of a touchscreen display, the AirPods could become even more user-friendly and convenient, allowing for easier and more intuitive control of audio playback and settings. While there is no official word on when this feature will be available, it is sure to be a highly anticipated addition to the AirPod lineup.

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