It is a common misconception that one should tap a cigar before smoking it to remove any loose tobacco or ash that may be inside. However, tapping a cigar can actually be harmful to the quality of the cigar and the smoking experience.

Cigars are carefully constructed with long filler tobacco leaves that are tightly rolled and held together with a binder leaf. The wrapper leaf is then applied on top of the filler and binder, creating a finished cigar.

Tapping the cigar can cause the filler tobacco to loosen or become dislodged, which can affect the draw and flavor of the cigar.

In addition, tapping a cigar can cause the wrapper leaf to crack or split, which can be particularly damaging to more delicate, expensive cigars. Finally, tapping a cigar can also cause unnecessary damage to the ash, which can fall off prematurely and make a mess.

Instead of tapping a cigar, it is recommended that you simply blow gently on the end of the cigar to remove any loose ash or debris. This will help to maintain the integrity of the cigar and ensure a more enjoyable smoking experience.

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