Our Journey
Britannia Nexus Cigar Cases

Established in 2019 by R. Patache, The Cigar Holder stands as a proud realisation of our founder’s Romanian-British heritage and the deeply held values of our family-owned business. His pivotal trip to Cuba, steeped in the tradition of hand-rolled cigars and the lively local culture, ignited a passion that now forms the heart of our brand. This journey inspired the creation of The Cigar Holder, committed to crafting top-quality, lasting leather cigar cases. Every case we make reflects that journey, created for enthusiasts who value the harmony of luxury and functionality.

Our British artisans utilise the finest Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather, a commitment affirmed by our affiliation with @Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana. Each Cigar Travel Case is not merely a product but a sustainable investment that matures beautifully over time. A unique warranty card provides certification of authenticity and traceability, allowing you to align your luxurious lifestyle with responsible choices.

Finished with Swiss Riri zippers, our collection transcends mere accessories; they are the quintessential companions for any cigar aficionado.

Experience the exceptional service and attention to detail that define The Cigar Holder, where style, tradition, and sustainability elegantly converge.