True Craftsmanship for Aficionados

Founded in 2019, The Cigar Holder is the realisation of a dream by our Romanian-British founder, Razvan Patache. Inspired by a transformative journey to Cuba, where the allure of hand-rolled cigars and vibrant local culture captivated him, Razvan recognised a gap in the British market for premium cigar accessories. Compelled by this insight, he fused style, quality, and practicality to create something unparalleled. From this vision and Razvan’s newfound passion, The Cigar Holder was born, committed to crafting superior, enduring cigar leather cases that beautifully encapsulate this inspiring journey.

Our British artisans utilise the finest Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather, a commitment affirmed by our affiliation with @Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana. Each Cigar Travel Case is not merely a product but a sustainable investment that matures beautifully over time. A unique warranty card provides certification of authenticity and traceability, allowing you to align your luxurious lifestyle with responsible choices.

Finished with Swiss Riri zippers, our collection transcends mere accessories; they are the quintessential companions for any cigar aficionado.

Experience the exceptional service and attention to detail that define The Cigar Holder, where style, tradition, and sustainability elegantly converge.

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