Casa Turrent Cigars

Discover Casa Turrent Cigars – a symbol of Mexican tobacco heritage, crafted by the esteemed Turrent family, Mexico’s premier tobacco growers. With over a century of expertise, they’ve established a formidable presence in the tobacco industry, notably with the renowned Te Amo cigar.

A New Era in Premium Cigars
Casa Turrent marks a significant leap into the world of premium cigars. Renowned for their meticulous use of Mexican San Andres tobaccos, these cigars embody an unrivalled richness in flavour. Their complexity is not just a trait but a testament to the Turrent family’s dedication to superior cigar-making.

Flavourful Complexity, Unmatched Quality
Each Casa Turrent cigar is a masterpiece, blending tradition and innovation. The rich, robust flavours are indicative of the quality and care put into each cigar. This line is not merely a product; it’s a representation of a century-old legacy, brought to life in every puff.

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