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La Casa del Habano Harrods

La Casa del Habano cigar lounge London is located in Harrods, one of the most elegant environments in the City. 87–135 Brompton Road Knightsbridge London SW1X 7XL Walking distance from…

Are cigars worse than cigarettes?

Long story short, cigar smoking isn’t safer than cigarette smoking — even if you don’t intentionally inhale the smoke. Like cigarette smoking, cigar smoking will expose you to Nicotine. Havans,…

Cuban Rum and Cigars

The largest portion of the world’s rum production comes from the Caribbean and Latin America. It was for many years closely associated with Cuba. Rum is distilled spirit made from…

Quintero Cigars

Pre-Revolution History Quintero Cigars In 1924 Agustin Quintero and his brother established a factory in Cienfuegos, a southern coastal town west of Pinar del Rio. It is believed the brand…

Cigars Second Maturation

The Cigar Second Maturation is the result of degradation of tannin and the interaction of its end products with the flavors generated by fermentation. All young cigars have a ”tannic”…

Cigars First Maturation

The Cigar first maturation is the result of the ongoing fermentation after the cigar has been made. Cigars continue to generate pleasant aromas and flavors as a result of the…

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