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Cigar Accessories Archives | The Cigar Holder London

Cigar Aficionado Review: Cuban Flag Cigar Case by Gregory Mottola

The red-white-and-blue, striped-and-starred flag of Cuba has been its official standard for 118 years. For a half century before that, it was a rallying point for the ideals of liberty.…

Best Handmade Cigar Travel Case

Sierra Maestra Leather Cigar Travel Case is probably the best cigar case made for cigar aficionados. Handcrafted by artisans in Britain, using the finest Italian leather, we are proud to…

Boveda Butler

The Boveda Butler is a Bluetooth-powered device that tracks the temperature and humidity levels inside of your humidor. The data is transmitted directly to your mobile device. His accuracy and…

Seasoning Your Cigar Humidor

Seasoning your cigar humidor it takes time, patience, and a bit of knowledge. The goal is to recreate the tropical environments where most cigars are made. Storing cigars into a…

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