Al Capone Cigars

Delight in the luxury of Al Capone Cigars, a mark of sophistication in the tobacco industry. Named after the famous 1920s icon, these cigars embody a legacy of daring and quality. They appeal to both seasoned smokers and new cigar enthusiasts.

Skilled artisans craft each Al Capone Cigar with precision. These premium cigars stand out for their exceptional quality and rich flavours. The range includes the smooth ‘Sweets’ with hand-rolled, filter-tipped design and the ‘Cognac Dipped’ variety, known for its full-bodied punch. Each cigar blends unique flavours for a memorable smoking experience.

These cigars are perfect for those who enjoy life’s finer things. Whether relaxing alone or celebrating with friends, Al Capone Cigars add a touch of class to any event. The selection covers small cigars and cigarillos, meeting various tastes and occasions.

Also popular in the collection are the ‘Slims’ and ‘Pocket Cigars’. They are ideal for a quick, satisfying smoke. Each type offers a distinct taste and aroma, leaving a lasting impression.

Add Al Capone Cigars to your collection for a mix of tradition, luxury, and top craftsmanship. Discover the elegance of these cigars and join a discerning group who know the art of fine living.

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