Baili Traditional Safety Razor

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£ 18.40

Material: zinc alloy
Colour: rose gold
Gender: unisex

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Baili has long been respected in the shaving industry due to its many years of creating high-quality and high-precision razors. This popular razor is a two-piece design, featuring a turning mechanism at the base of the handle that releases the screw rod, allowing any brand of DE razor blade to be placed between. When you purchase a Baili razor, you acquire a piece of the highest shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day.

This razor includes Baili Super Platinum Razor Blades to get you started. This blade fits neatly and comfortably in between the two head parts. These blades are revered for their unparalleled sharpness and the smooth shave they provide.

To take the best care of your razor, clean the parts with warm water every time you replace the blade and use a soft nail brush if desired. Slightly lubricate the mechanical parts regularly and do not overwind any screws.

The product is presented in a thick cardboard box, featuring the classic Baili branding for authenticity.

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