Cigarillos Classic Cohiba Minis

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£ 14.20

Length: 3 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 21
Strength: medium-full
Country of Origin: Cuba
Packaging: pack of 10


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Immerse yourself in the world-renowned luxury of Cuban craftsmanship with Cigarillos Classic Cohiba Minis. Each Cohiba Mini embodies the essence of Cuban heritage, offering a medium-full strength experience in a compact cigarillo form. Originating from Cuba, these masterpieces are machine-rolled, ensuring consistency and excellence in every puff.

The Essence of Cuban Magic

Cigarillos Classic Cohiba Minis are crafted for those precious moments when time is limited but the desire for a premium smoking experience is paramount. Utilising tobacco leaves from the same plants destined for Havana’s iconic cigars, these cigarillos offer an unparalleled taste. Grown in the fertile lands of the Vuelta Abajo region, the tobacco’s rich flavours and aromatic complexity are preserved, delivering a unique smoking journey.

A Symphony of Flavours

Experience a delicate blend of cedar and earthy undertones from the first draw, evolving into a subtle sweetness complemented by a hint of spice. This flavour profile ensures a memorable and enjoyable smoke, making Cohiba Minis the perfect choice for aficionados and newcomers alike. Their prestigious heritage and distinctive taste profile make them an excellent selection for those seeking a brief yet fulfilling cigar experience.

Cohiba: A Legacy of Excellence

The Cohiba brand, synonymous with luxury and quality, traces its origins back to 1966, quickly becoming the flagship of Cuban cigars. Known for its rigorous selection process and the unique “third fermentation” of tobacco, Cohiba stands out in the cigar world. Cohiba Minis continue this tradition, offering a taste of Cuban excellence in a format suited for moments of leisure.





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