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British Craftsmanship: A testament to unparalleled artisan skill.
Contemporary Design: A sleek, modern outline for the style-conscious cigar aficionado.
Eco-Luxury Materials: Responsibly sourced Premium Italian-Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather.
Adaptive Functionality: A robust Metal Cigar Guardian with the capacity for up to six standard or four large-ring cigars.
Accessory Storage: Spacious pockets designed for cutters and lighters, with a specialised compartment for your Les Fines Lame.
Technology Integration: Comes with an Apple Tag compartment for modern tracking, alongside alternatives to suit a variety of user preferences.
Humidity Control: Easily insert a Boveda pack to maintain a stable 69% humidity level, ensuring your cigars stay fresh and at their peak.
Size: Crafted for on-the-go convenience, dimensions are a compact 9 inches L x 6 inches W x 3 inches D.
Wearability: Features a stylish crossbody strap for hands-free ease, detachable for versatile style options.
Packaging: Presented in a luxurious gift box, perfect for gifting or personal treats.
Authenticity: Accredited by The Italian Genuine Leather Consortium.

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Introducing the Britannia Nexus: Epicurean Crossbody Cigar Case

With the Britannia Nexus, you’re not just carrying cigars; you’re adding a fresh twist to the essentials for today’s cigar enthusiast. This case stands at the forefront of modern elegance, blending flair with functionality. Discover the sleek elegance of the Epicurean Crossbody Cigar Case, where bold black beauty meets hints of apricot. Designed for both style and function, this compact case is the perfect companion for the modern cigar lover who seeks luxury on the go. Experience unmatched sophistication and utility with every use.

The Nexus Experience: Next-Gen Luxury

Designed with a keen eye for sophistication, this case is more than an accessory—it’s an essential part of a refined smoker’s collection. Experience the perfect mix of British craftsmanship and contemporary design. The Nexus protects your cigars with a solid Metal Cigar Guardian, ensuring every journey is as stylish as it is secure.

Organisational Elegance and Smart Features

The compact Nexus provides meticulously arranged spaces for cigars and accessories and includes a clever Apple Tag slot for those who value modern tech conveniences. Furthermore, an alternative is available for those not using an Apple Tag. Equipped with a crossbody strap for effortless carrying, it’s perfectly tailored to meet the needs of today’s cigar enthusiast.

Why Britannia Nexus? Beyond Looks: Guaranteed Authenticity

The Nexus offers more than beauty; it provides a sophisticated design to keep your cigars in ideal condition. Crafted with care, it stands as a testament to British and Italian excellence. Each Britannia Nexus case comes with a warranty card, affirming its authenticity and quality. This card represents a commitment to craftsmanship, detailing the leather’s origins and the enduring value of vegetable-tanned leather. Every piece is marked with a unique serial number to combat counterfeiting and celebrate artisanal dedication.





Eco-Friendly and Forward-Thinking

The Nexus champions eco-luxury with its chemical-free, vegetable-tanned leather, offering an eco-conscious choice for today’s individual.

Caring for Your Nexus

Maintain your case’s exquisite finish with simple, gentle care. Use alcohol-free wipes for cleaning and address minor scuffs with a soft, circular motion to keep your Nexus looking timeless.

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