Jose L Piedra Cigar Sampler

Pre-Revolution History

Line many tobacco workers, the Piedra family came from Asturia, Spain. They settled in the Remedios region of Cuba sometime in the mid 19th Century. The Jose L. Piedra Factory, named after its founder Jose Lamadrid Piedra, was established in 1880. By the end of the 19th Century, the Jose L. Piedra brand had become the most famous Cuban cigar brand outside of Havana.

Pre-Revolution History

Jose L. Piedra was quite a popular brand in the American market before the Revolution. Production continued uninterrupted after the Revolution. In a 1962 Cubatabaco cigar catalogue, 11 models were listed. With America as the main market, sales dropped dramatically after the Embargo in 1962. In 1972 Cubatabaco catalogue, only three models remained, Panetelitas de Herba, Royal Palms and Superiores.


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Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores Cigar

The sampler includes:

1 x Jose L Piedra Brevas
1 x Jose L Piedra Cazadores
1 x Jose L Piedra Conservas
1 x Jose L Piedra Petit Cazadores
1 x Boveda Humipack




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