Zino Cigar Gift Set

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5 Cigars Zino Nicaragua Half Corona
Zino Leather Cigar Case R2 Beige
Zino Punch Cutter

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Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with our Zino Cigar Gift Set. Perfect for aficionados and novices alike, this exquisite collection is thoughtfully curated to elevate your smoking experience. Each Zino Cigar Gift Set includes a sleek, portable cigar case, a precision punch cutter for the perfect draw, and five half corona cigars renowned for their rich flavour and smooth finish.

Experience Unparalleled Quality:

The Cigars: Savour the smooth, rich taste of five premium half corona cigars. Each one is hand-selected for its superior quality, flavour, and aroma, promising an unforgettable smoking experience.
Punch Cutter: Crafted for precision, the included punch cutter ensures a clean cut every time, enhancing your smoking pleasure.
Cigar Case: Protect and transport your cigars in style with the durable and elegant cigar case. Its compact design makes it an ideal companion for any occasion.

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