Christian Eiroa, a distinguished cigar maker with over two decades in the industry, crafts Asylum 13 cigars. These cigars stand out as favourites amongst premium handmade brands, known for their rich flavour and bold profile.

These cigars come in various shapes and sizes, such as robustos, toros, and churchills. Christian uses a superior blend of Nicaraguan tobacco to craft them. The filler includes aged long-leaf tobaccos from Nicaragua, and both the binder and wrapper come from Nicaraguan Habano.

This blend offers a rich and layered flavour, with earthy tones mixed with hints of spice and pepper. Moreover, the construction of these cigars stands out. Expert craftsmen roll each piece, ensuring a snug draw and a strong ash that lasts. They also ensure a consistent burn, making for a smooth smoking experience from start to finish.

If you love bold, full-bodied cigars, Asylum 13 offers a perfect choice. Both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of cigars will find them delightful.

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