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Best Cigars For Weddings | The Cigar Holder London
Best Cigars For Weddings

The wedding season has arrived in full force. Friends and relatives are being married left, right, and center, so we thought we’d share our recommendations for the best wedding cigars to share with other guests, savor post-ceremony, throughout the reception, or even give as a present to the newlyweds.

It’s no surprise that the summer is the busiest season for romance. The pleasant evenings stretch out, people spend more time socializing, flowers bloom, and love blossoms as well. New and old couples frolic in the sunny sky and lie on green grass as the days appear to stretch on forever and summer seems to never end. And Summer isn’t the only season where love flourishes and thrives, it’s also the season when most people solidify their love -when knots are tied.

Romeo y Julieta Cigars

medium bodied cigars

For a wedding, Romeo y Julieta cigars are an obvious choice. The name of the Cuban cigar brand comes from a wildly beautiful love story about two star-crossed lovers. Of course, this is without the tragic ending; perhaps we’ll leave that out. There are numerous Romeo y Julieta Cigars to pick from, and many would be ideal for any time of day, but the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill cigar is one that we would definitely suggest. This is due to cigar size and lovely packaging which will amaze any in-laws, new acquaintances, or even old friends.

Mixed Cigar Samplers

Our Mixed Cigar Samplers are ideal for bringing to a wedding, especially if you intend to give them as gifts to loved ones or in-laws. We would give them to our in-laws as a gift and enjoy smoking them together as fathers of the bride and groom to honor the marriage and the couple’s love. These are also fantastic as part of a gift package to present to guests as they leave the reception and as a way to remember the occasion. Many guests will enjoy these during the day, or they can be retained as a sentimental memory to recall the occasion.

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Cigar Wedding Gifts

You might offer them a personalised cigar accessory in addition to any cigars available on our website. Any cigar leather case, we believe, would be a lovely gift if engraved with their initials or the wedding date.

Handmade Brown Leather Case

Are you attending any weddings this year and intend to bring some cigars? In the comments area below, let us know which ones you’ll be taking.

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