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Cigar Size Churchill

Cigar size Churchill – cigar slang, referring to a cigar size of parejo shape, ring gauge 47 and 178 mm (7 inches) in length.

The ”Churchill” size is accredited to have been created by Romeo y Julieta Factory in 1910’s. Legend has it that this size was specially produced for French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau. As a tribute to his efforts in the post War I peace conference in Versailles, the cigars he smoked were put into permanent commercial production with the model name ” Clemenceau”. The ”Clemenceau” was produced without interruption until the late 1980’s when it was discontinued.

During the Second World War, the Romeo y Julieta Factory provided an unlimited supply of cigars for the British War Prime Minister Winston Churchill, with special personalized cigar bands. The ”Clemenceau” size happened to be his favorite size.

After Sir Winston’s historical visit to the Romeo y Julieta Factory in 1947, his cigars were put into permanent production and the model name was ”Churchill”.

Many other brands like, Partagas, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey also started to produce the ”Churchill” model in late 1940 with identical size.

After 1980, the year when all factory vitola sizes were standardized, the ”Churchill” size is interchangeable with factory vitola 609, the Julieta 2 vitola.

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