Embark on a journey through the refined world of Señorita cigars size, where tradition meets sophistication in every puff. Our selection is meticulously curated to showcase the finest Señorita cigars size, renowned for their compact size, smooth draw, and richly blended flavours. With a ring gauge of 30 and a length perfectly set at 4 inches, these medium-strength marvels are designed for those who appreciate a balanced and mellow smoking experience.

Originating from the heart of Belgium, each Señorita cigar is a testament to the art of cigar making. Expertly machine-made, these cigars blend select tobaccos from Java, Sumatra, and beyond, ensuring a smoking experience that is both smooth and satisfying. Pre-cut and packed in sets of five, they are the ideal companion for moments of leisure, offering a quick escape to a world of flavour and aroma.

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