Davidoff Signature Ambassadrice

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Length: 4 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 26
Strength: Light – Medium
Cigar Format: Señorita
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Enjoyment Time: 15 mins

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Davidoff Signature Ambassadrice cigars are renowned for their quality. Each cigar is crafted with the utmost care. The finest selection of leaves is used. This ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience. Their size is perfect for a brief, yet fulfilling smoke. Ideal for those moments of relaxation.

The taste of each cigar is mild yet satisfying. A blend of rich flavors is expertly combined. This offers a delightful aroma and taste. The cigars are hand-rolled. This ensures consistency in quality. Their appearance is elegant. A classic, sleek design is showcased.

Davidoff Signature Ambassadrice cigars come in a protective box. This box maintains their freshness. It is also stylish, reflecting the luxury of the cigars. They are suitable for both seasoned aficionados and new enthusiasts. These cigars provide a memorable experience.

In conclusion, Davidoff Signature Ambassadrice cigars represent a choice of refinement. They offer a perfect balance of flavour and quality. These cigars are an ideal choice for those seeking a premium smoking experience.

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Box of 25, Single Cigar

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2 reviews for Davidoff Signature Ambassadrice

  1. Larry (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this cigar! Will definitely buy again.

  2. Sava Ion (verified owner)


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