Everybody starts their cigar journey somewhere. But some cigar journeys last longer than others and that is why we believe the following tips will be very helpful.

There are a lot of ways to not enjoy your first cigar experience right from the start and the following topics can avoid that. Here are some tips for a cigar beginner:

Don’t buy a full-bodied cigar

This is a classic mistake and we’ve seen it many times. If you don’t want to have your first cigar experience ruined, don’t buy a cheap or a full-body cigar.

For a first-time smoker, nicotine tolerance is going to be low, and most probably inhale the first and second puffs. You will start to cough, your face will start to turn very red, then very white and nausea will start kicking in. You definitely hate your first cigar and never touch them again.

This is really what is going to happen and it is not fun at all. To avoid all of that mess, you should always try a light-body cigar. This way, all the strength of the tobacco will be much more mellow and you will give yourself the opportunity to relax and enjoy your first cigar with you.

Our cigar recommendations for beginners:

Quai d’Orsay No.50
Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2
Por Larranaga Montecarlo
VegaFina Short Robusto
Montecristo No.4

Cutting the cigar wrong

If you cut your cigar too much, the wrapper will not have enough sustainability. The cigar will start unraveling during the smoking session. The cigar head — where you put your mouth — becomes wet, the natural glue that holds the wrapper will dissolve, the leaves will separate, and the tobacco inside will gain a life of its own.

What holds your cigar together is the wrapper, so take very good care of it.

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Smoke a cigar on an empty stomach

As a cigar beginner, if you go with your friend for a cigar experience, you must eat first.

If this is your first cigar is you have, your body will suck up all it can get and you will rapidly feel nausea. Eat well and hydrate yourself before and during your first cigar experience. If nausea comes kicking in, have chocolate or eat a small pack of sugar and it will go away.

Smoking very fast

This one is a “Cigars 101” tip.

Don’t rush your pace when smoking your first cigar. As a matter of fact, don’t ever rush it, even if you become an experienced aficionado.

Remember, a cigar is supposed to be a very relaxing moment, not a nicotine shot. Take your time between every puff and don’t stress if your cigar fades out, relighting your cigar is normal. When you don’t take your time between your puffs it forces your cigar to overheat and that will make it a very unpleasant experience because you will not be able to taste the different flavor profiles that your cigar was built to offer. It can also make you breathe more heavily and increase your heart rate, transforming your body into a nicotine sponge. In some cases, it may force you to inhale and as we have explained earlier, that’s never a good thing.

Please note that smoking is bad for your health and we do not encourage it at all. These articles are written to show the differences between cigars and never to influence anyone to start smoking. If you are a cigar smoker, please respect others around you.

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Thank you very much for giving us a bit of your time by reading this article. It really means the world to have you with us. If you want to follow our daily activities head to our Instagram, where we try our best to bring the community together by sharing our love and knowledge for cigars. Have a great day.

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