Cigar Tips for Beginners: Your Guide to a Refined Experience

Cigar Tips for Beginners
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Everyone embarks on their cigar journey at some point. However, some experiences last longer than others. That’s why we at The Cigar Holder believe these tips will be immensely useful, especially for beginners exploring the world of cigars.

Avoid Full-Bodied Cigars as a Beginner

A common error is opting for a full-bodied cigar on your first try. Such choices can mar the initial experience. For new smokers, it’s best to start with a light-bodied cigar. They are more forgiving, allowing you to appreciate the subtleties of tobacco without overwhelming your senses.

Our Top Picks for Novice Aficionados:

The Art of Cutting and Lighting Your Cigar

Cutting and lighting your cigar correctly is crucial. Incorrect cutting can cause the cigar to unravel, while improper lighting can affect the taste. Our guides on cutting and lighting cigars can help you master these skills.

Never Smoke on an Empty Stomach

Ensure you’ve eaten well before indulging in a cigar. An empty stomach can lead to nausea. Keep hydrated and have some chocolate or sugar on hand just in case.

Pace Yourself

Take your time with each puff. Rushing can overheat the cigar, altering its flavour profile and potentially leading to an unpleasant experience. Remember, cigar smoking is about relaxation, not a rush.


We at The Cigar Holder remind you that smoking can be harmful to your health. Our content is meant to educate about cigars, not to encourage smoking. If you do smoke, please be considerate of those around you.

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