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Save Your Cigars From Tobacco Beetles

This is every cigar smoker the worst nightmare. In 48 hours, a severe beetle infestation can destroy an entire box of cigars or a full humidor. Tobacco beetles need a warm and humid climate, like in your humidor in order to grow. The most common cause of a beetle infestation is the temperature increase in your cigar humidor. The majority of the beetle infestations can be stopped by freezing your infested cigars.

Don’t transfer the cigars straight from the freezer to your humidor as this will damage your cigars.

While freezing your cigars, hoover your humidor and clean the inside of the humidor with a damp cloth. The cleaning process will remove any remaining beetles, eggs or larvae from your humidor. Don’t use any type of cleaner or disinfectant as it will ruin your humidor.

Remove all the cigars from the infested cigar humidor and put them in plastic bags. If possible, try to keep all the cigars together in the same plastic bag. Store the cigars in your freezer at a temperature below -3C for the next 10 days. Transfer the cigars from the freezer to a regular refrigerator for the next 3 to 4 days to let them begin to adjust to a warmer temperature.

At the end of the 3 days, remove the cigars from the refrigerator and the plastic bag and store them back in the humidor. If your humidor is not very expensive, we strongly recommend investing in a cigar fridge humidor.

Your cigars are precious!

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