Maison Margiela Unveils the ‘Recicla’ Upcycled Leather Collection

Renowned fashion house, Maison Margiela, presents its innovative “Recicla” upcycling line. This initiative showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability by repurposing surplus leathers from its previous collections to craft limited edition accessories. This not only signals its exclusive status but also places emphasis on the enduring value of repurposed materials.

Within this unique collection, aficionados can find an array of small leather goods. This includes finely crafted wallets, phone holders, and key chain wallets. In addition, there’s an upcycled version of their iconic 5AC classic bag, each available in diverse hues to suit varied tastes. Not to be missed, the Recicla Replica Sneakers have been added to this sustainable line-up, fusing style with conscientiousness.

Maison Margiela’s “Recicla” line epitomises the transformative potential of heritage materials, truly capturing the zeitgeist of modern sustainable fashion. In similar news, Byredo has also unveiled a limited edition Alphabeta Blanket in four enticing colorways, celebrating the vibrancy of March Madness.

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