The world of Premium Cigars can sometimes seem downgraded by so many choices, confusing messages, and opinions posing as fact. It can be a complicated, confusing passion, even for a longtime aficionado. To help navigate the world of Premium Cigars, we’ve compiled a list of facts and information that aim to give insight and perspective to every level of cigar aficionado, whether novice or longtime smoker.

The Premium Cigars are made only from tobacco, 100% pure tobacco. Not a single leaf is chemically treated or artificially altered for taste. Everything from flavor to color is achieved through natural processes.

Like wine, some cigars are better than others, but cigarmakers will do everything in their power to ensure that their product is consistent. Consistency isn’t the same thing as cloning, and there will always be variations from cigar to cigar. As with any handmade product, no two premium cigars will be exactly alike. The finest, most sincere cigars are natural expressions of both the cigar roller and the soil from which the tobacco was grown. 

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That being said, there’s no guarantee you’re going to love an expensive cigar. The flavor profile and strength level of a Premium Cigar might not be to your taste. The best way to know is to try it. If you spend the extra money and find that the experience doesn’t justify the cost, then stay within your comfortable price range. If you find extraordinary levels of flavor, refinement, and complexity, you’ll know the cigar was worth the splurge. 

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