A Taste of the Dominican Cigar Sampler

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La Galera Chaveta Robusto
Psyko 7 Natural Robusto
Anejo XO Corona
Ceramic Cigar Rest


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Indulge in the finest selection with ‘A Taste of the Dominican Cigar Sampler.’ This premium collection showcases the best of Dominican craftsmanship, offering a unique experience for cigar aficionados.

La Galera Chaveta Robusto – A Classic Blend

The La Galera Chaveta Robusto stands out with its rich, balanced flavor. Handcrafted to perfection, it offers a smooth, satisfying smoke. Ideal for those who appreciate a classic taste, this robusto is a testament to traditional cigar-making excellence.

Psyko 7 Natural Robusto – Unleash Your Senses

Explore the intriguing Psyko 7 Natural Robusto. Its unique blend of seven tobaccos from six countries creates an extraordinary experience. This cigar captivates with its complex yet harmonious profile, making each puff a journey of discovery.

Anejo XO Corona – Refined Elegance

The Anejo XO Corona is a symbol of sophistication. Its aged tobaccos deliver a rich, full-bodied flavor. This corona is a perfect choice for those seeking a refined and elegant smoking experience, blending tradition with luxury.

Ceramic Cigar Rest – The Perfect Companion

Complete your experience with the Ceramic Cigar Rest. Designed for convenience and style, it holds your cigar securely, ensuring an uninterrupted and enjoyable smoking session. Its sleek design complements any setting, making it an essential accessory for every enthusiast.


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1 review for A Taste of the Dominican Cigar Sampler

  1. Sean F. (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this collection. I’ll be ordering a second time.

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