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£ 86.40

Juliany Corojo Corona Cigar
LFD Double Ligero Corona Tubed Cigar
Cusano Nicaragua Corona Cigar
Quintero Brevas, Cuba
Custom Rolled Nicaraguan Robusto
Cusano Petit Panatela Cigar
Juliany Blue Line Coronita


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Dive into the world of premium cigars with our curated selection of Cigar Sampler Best Buys. This collection features an exclusive range of handpicked cigars, tailored for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Embrace the art of smoking with notable mentions like the Juliany Corojo Corona, a masterpiece of flavour and craftsmanship.

Exceptional Choices for Every Palate

Our sampler includes the LFD Double Ligero Corona, encased in a sleek tube for freshness. Its robust blend promises an unforgettable smoking journey. The Cusano Nicaragua Corona stands out for its rich, earthy notes, appealing to those who seek depth in their smoke.

Experience the essence of Cuba with Quintero Brevas. Its authentic taste and aroma bring the Cuban tradition right to your doorstep. For lovers of custom blends, the Custom Rolled Nicaraguan Robusto offers a unique, tailor-made experience.

The Cusano Petit Panatela provides a shorter, yet equally satisfying, smoking experience. Lastly, the Juliany Blue Line Coronita is a testament to fine blending, offering a smooth, enjoyable smoke.

Why Choose Our Sampler?

Our Cigar Sampler Best Buys are not just products; they are an invitation to explore and enjoy the diverse world of cigars. Each selection is a gateway to discovering new tastes, aromas, and experiences. Click now to embark on your cigar journey with us.

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32 reviews for Cigar Sampler Best Buys

  1. David G. (verified owner)

    A good pack of cigars. Good selection and very fresh.

  2. Marcel (verified owner)

    Really good worth every penny

  3. Pavel M. (verified owner)

    Amazing value for money. Incredible customer service. Fantastic cigars!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  5. Pierre D. (verified owner)

    Great sample pack. Will buy again

  6. Alvin (verified owner)

    quality cigars and presentation

  7. Corin S. (verified owner)

    great way to try different cigars you might not otherwise try

  8. Florian W. (verified owner)

    Excellent mix and variety!

  9. Laurentiu (verified owner)

    Nice sampler. Many different choices, some are great.

  10. Ben W. (verified owner)

    Good selection for a sample. not harsh, nice and smooth.

  11. Valentin (verified owner)

    good cigars. thanks

  12. Rafi (verified owner)

    very good selection

  13. Marco (verified owner)

    Good selection of cigars for any level.

  14. Scott (verified owner)

    These cigars are just excellent to me! Every one smoked great from beginning to end!

  15. Roberto (verified owner)

    Very good selection

  16. Mark (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Must try sampler

  17. Malachi (verified owner)

    will buy these again

  18. Francesco (verified owner)

    I’ve enjoyed every single cigar so far and I have only one left.

  19. Doris (verified owner)

    This sampler is a good choice for a gift. I’m very happy with the cigars and presentation.

  20. JP (verified owner)

    all good

  21. Mateo C. (verified owner)

    Good cigars. Thank you

  22. Mel (verified owner)

    Well worth the money.

  23. Darlene (verified owner)

    good choice

  24. Jack N.

    nice sampler pack

  25. Tony (verified owner)

    Nice selection only problem is I already smoked them 🙂

  26. Carl (verified owner)

    5 were great the other 2 just ok

  27. Joe C. (verified owner)

    Great selection pack for the value.

  28. Mark (verified owner)

    Loved all the sticks

  29. Ed M. (verified owner)

    Great flavour, great cigar. Great packs and fast shipping. Thank you!

  30. Ted (verified owner)

    Lovely selection, super fast same-day delivery

  31. Jayne H. (verified owner)

    Super fast same day delivery

  32. Thomas Millan-Gibbs (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant service. I ordered one of the samples, and it arrived the same day. They responded to my questions quickly, and they were very helpful. I am so happy I found this company. I plan to order again soon. Tom

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