Cohiba Panetelas Cigar

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Length: 4 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 26
Strength: medium
Country of Origin: Cuba

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Indulge in the exceptional experience of the Premium Cohiba Panetelas Cigar. Despite its smaller stature, this exquisite offering from Cohiba, a brand synonymous with luxury and refinement, delivers an unmatched smoking pleasure. The smallest in Cohiba’s range, the Panetelas holds its own with a rich, full-bodied taste, balanced with a subtle sharpness that tantalises the palate.

Each cigar is meticulously crafted using premium-quality tobacco, ensuring a consistent, enjoyable experience with every draw. The Cohiba Panetelas, celebrated for its smooth and robust flavour profile, offers a complexity that belies its size. Savour the harmony of spicy and woody notes as they unfold in a well-rounded smoke, providing a sophisticated and memorable experience.

Whether you are an aficionado or new to the world of cigars, the Cohiba Panetelas stands out as a perfect choice for those who seek quality and elegance in a smaller cigar. It’s a testament to Cohiba’s commitment to excellence, reflecting their expertise in creating some of the most sought-after cigars in the world​​.

This cigar is an ideal companion for moments of relaxation and contemplation, pairing wonderfully with a range of spirits. From the smoothness of a fine cognac to the boldness of a single malt whisky, the Cohiba Panetelas enhances and is enhanced by such distinguished beverages, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

In summary, the Premium Cohiba Panetelas Cigar is more than just a smoke; it’s an experience. It encapsulates the essence of Cohiba’s masterful craftsmanship in a compact form, delivering a rich, satisfying smoke that is sure to delight both the seasoned smoker and the curious beginner. Embrace the luxury and sophistication of Cohiba, and let the Panetelas take you on a journey of refined taste and elegance.

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1 review for Cohiba Panetelas Cigar

  1. Marcus (verified owner)

    Lovely short cigar with notes of coffee, spices, and cocoa. Burns evenly and offer a smooth draw.

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