Cohiba Robusto Cigars

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Length: 4 7/8″
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: medium-full
Smoking time: 45 min
Country of Origin: Cuba

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Crafted with unrivalled expertise, Cohiba Robusto Cigars embody a legacy of excellence. Originating in 1966, this flagship brand of Habanos was initially exclusive to President Fidel Castro. Crafted in the once-secret El Laguito factory, these cigars were symbols of prestige, initially gifted only to dignitaries and heads of state.

In 1982, Cohiba’s remarkable cigars became available to aficionados worldwide, albeit in limited quantities. The brand’s name, steeped in history, hails from the ancient Taino Indian word for tobacco. This term was first encountered by Columbus in Cuba, marking the Cohiba as a direct descendant of the earliest Habanos.

The leaves selected for Cohiba cigars are not merely premium; they are the crème de la crème, sourced from the finest Vegas de Primera in the renowned San Juan y Martinez and San Luis districts of the Vuelta Abajo zone. This meticulous selection underscores Cohiba’s commitment to unparalleled quality.

Cohiba Robusto Cigars stand apart in the world of Habanos. Up to three of their filler leaves – the seco, ligero, and the rare medio tiempo – undergo an additional fermentation process in barrels. This unique method is a hallmark of Cohiba, imparting a distinctive aroma and flavour unmatched by any other cigar.

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  1. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality and great delivery service. I have received my order within 2 hours. Very well done!

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