Cuaba Salomones

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Length: 7 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 57
Strength: medium
Country of Origin: Cuba

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Pre-Revolution History

This brand did not exist before the Revolution.

Post-Revolution History

The brand Cuaba specialties in figurado cigars. These cigars were once very popular before the Revolution, especially during the roaring Twenties. For some reason, they slowly lost popularity. By the 1970’s they had almost become obsolete. In 1996, Habanos S.A. decided to revive figurado cigars by creating this new brand. Officially launched on 19th November 1996 in London Claridge’s Hotel by Francisco Linares (President of Habanos S.A. at that time). This was the first new brand introduced after Cohiba in 1982.

Master roller Carlos Izquierdo Gonzalez, especially went to London to demonstrate the art of rolling perfecto shaped cigars at the launching party.

Initially, each cigar had a slightly different shape, as they were made without a mould. After about half a year, special moulds were used for each of the four sizes. Now all cigars are uniform in shape. The original cigars made without moulds have now become collectors’ items.

Initially only available in UK, the Cuaba brand began to be exported worldwide after about a year.

The name Cuaba refers to a type of wooden torch used by the Taino Indians. Cuban people still use them in the countryside today.

There were only four sizes on release in 1996.

Characteristics of Cuaba Cigars

Cuaba cigars are manufactured in the Briono Montoto (Romeo y Julieta factory). They taste quite similar to Romeo y Julieta cigars but are characteristically milder. The Divinos is the strongest of the four. It is way too early to put a final judgment on Cuba cigars, as the first batch available is only 17 years old.





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