Flor de Cana 7 Grand Reserva Rum

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£ 27.25

Collection: Reserva
Body: full-bodied
Colour: mahogany
Aroma: aromas of toasted coconuts, vanilla and figs
Palate: honey and dark chocolate, with a long and smooth finish
Country of origin: Nicaragua
Sugar free, Gluten free & Kosher
How to drink: with sparkling water or sodas.


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A superlative dark golden rum from one of Central America’s most celebrated producers, Flor de Cana from Nicaragua. Delicious, and one of the best rums anywhere in its price bracket. Aromas of toasted coconut, vanilla and fig are joined by flavours of honey and dark chocolate. Try this with soda or mixed with sparkling water.

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1 review for Flor de Cana 7 Grand Reserva Rum

  1. John (verified owner)

    Quality rum from central America. Caribbean rums tend to be over flavoured in vanilla and brown sugar that’s fine if it’s your thing. Flor De Cana for me can be drank neat with ice and lime. Sometimes I take it with good ginger beer, fresh pineapple, lime and ice. Have also tried the 12year old. 18 year old and year old Flor De Cana is on my radar.

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