Gurkha Boutique Cigar Sampler

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2 x Gurkha Nicaragua Series Cigar
2 x Gurkha Treinta Cigar
2 x Gurkha San Miguel Cigar


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Step into the world of luxury smoking with the Gurkha Boutique Cigar Sampler. This exquisite collection is a gateway to a premium experience. It offers a carefully curated selection of 6 cigars, divided among the Gurkha Nicaragua Series, Gurkha Treinta, and Gurkha San Miguel varieties. Each brings its unique blend and character to the fore.

Firstly, the Gurkha Nicaragua Series Cigars present a bold profile. They are known for their rich flavor and smooth finish. Crafted with expert care, these cigars offer a complex, yet balanced taste. Enjoy the blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos that provide a spicy kick and a long-lasting aroma.

Next, savor the Gurkha Treinta Cigars. These are a tribute to Gurkha’s 30 years of crafting fine cigars. The Treinta showcases a blend of meticulously aged tobaccos. It delivers a medium to full-bodied experience, marked by creamy textures and hints of sweetness. This cigar is perfect for those who appreciate a smooth, yet flavorful journey.

Lastly, the Gurkha San Miguel Cigars round out the sampler. They are a testament to traditional craftsmanship. These cigars feature a Nicaraguan blend that exudes a mild to medium body. They offer notes of nuts, cedar, and a subtle spice. The San Miguel is ideal for both new aficionados and seasoned smokers looking for a refined smoke.

The Gurkha Boutique Cigar Sampler is more than just cigars; it’s an exploration of flavors and aromas. It is perfect for gifting or personal indulgence. Experience the renowned quality and prestige that Gurkha is known for. Indulge in the journey, one cigar at a time. Welcome to the epitome of smoking luxury.

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