Habano the King Cigar Book

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Condition: new
Author: Adriano Martínez Rius
Publisher: Epicur Publicaciones
Length: 135 pages

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Adriano Martinez Rius earned a degree in Economics at the University of Prague in 1966. For the last 15 years, he has been an adviser to the President of Cubatabaco until his retirement in August 1998. The result is a book written by a true industry insider. As a result, this 135 pages hardback book comes packed with pictures and information on everything Habano. Through expert testimony, Adriano lays down the reasons why Cuban cigars are the pinnacle of this art form. After much demand, this book has been translated from its native Spanish into English. This enabled it to reach a wider audience. Habano The King shines a light on the trade that has become integral to not only Cuban life, but that of its global consumer base. Feast on fascinating full-color pictures of old lithographs and historic photos of the manufacturing process.

This is an ideal gift idea for the special cigar smoker in your life. Printed on high-quality gloss paper and bound in a hardback. This piece is the ideal coffee table book to be a talking point amongst like-minded individuals. A great addition to the library of any connoisseur or beginner looking to deepen their knowledge.



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