Harris Tweed Cigar Case Limited Edition

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Origin: Exquisitely Handcrafted in Britain
Materials: Authentic Harris Tweed design seamlessly integrated with premium Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather
Safe Storage: Features an in-built Metal Cigar Guardian for unparalleled cigar safety
Cigar Capacity: Suitable for 4 cigars (up to a 64 ring gauge) or a collection of 6 cigars
Humidity Control: It has been proven to sustain a humidity level of 69% for an impressive 14 days using the Boveda 8g pack
Dimensions: Case 9.5″L x 5.5″W
Rear Slip Pouch: 4″L x 3.5″W
Accessory Pockets: (Lighter/Cutter) 3.5″L x 2.5″W
Cigar Pocket: 8″L x 4.5″W
Closure: Swiss-engineered Riri Zipper for a flawless finish
Design Feature: Detachable strap, for versatility in carrying
Presentation: Elegantly housed in a signature gift box
Authenticity: Certified and registered with the esteemed Harris Tweed Authority
Assurance: Warranty card courtesy of The Vegetable Tanned Italian Genuine Leather Consortium
Recognition: Proudly featured in the renowned Cigar Aficionado Magazine
Personal Touch: FREE personalisation to make it distinctly yours. Customise here.


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Featured in Cigar Aficionado Magazine, experience a blend of British Harris Tweed tradition with Italian craftsmanship in the Limited-Edition Harris Tweed Cigar Case. More than just a cigar case, it’s a symbol of timeless elegance, designed for those who appreciate the unique combination of classic Harris Tweed and Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather.

Signature Fabric: Authentic Harris Tweed, celebrated for its resilience and timeless charm.
Leather Touch: Premium Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather, marking the zenith of leather craftsmanship.
Security: A meticulously crafted leather-wrapped metal guardian in the central pouch ensures your cigars’ safety. It comfortably accommodates 4 cigars (up to 64 ring gauge) or 6 cigars (standard size).

Versatile Compartments:

Magnetic Pockets: Three distinct pockets with hidden magnetic tabs for essentials like lighters, cutters, passport, or wallet.
Concealed Chamber: Reserved for your cards, complemented by a flexible band to cradle your cigar rest.
Sleeve: Generously designed to store your Poker Draw tool or a cherished pen.
Closure: The Swiss Riri Zipper, a benchmark in precision and luxury accessory crafting.

Tuscan Leather & Certificate of Guarantee:

 Our symbol – Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana – is more than just a logo. It tells the story of Tuscan artisans, their long-standing methods of vegetable tanning, and their dedication to excellence. Every item comes with a certificate. This is our assurance of its quality and heritage, complete with a unique serial number that tracks its journey from the trusted tannery right to you.

Harris Tweed Legacy:

In a changing world, timeless classics stand out. The Harris Tweed Cigar Case is one of these enduring treasures, perfectly blending style and function, ensuring it remains a standout piece for years to come.

Care Instructions:

Harris Tweed®️ is a testament to tradition. Woven from 100% Pure New Wool, it demands affectionate care. Attend to spills promptly with gentle dabbing and, if required, a hint of mild wool detergent. Persistent stains? Trust only a seasoned dry cleaner.

Kindly Note: Screen hues might slightly differ. Cigars and their accompanying accessories are not part of the purchase.

Elevate your collection. FREE personalisation awaits for that unparalleled signature touch. Click here to make it truly yours.

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18 reviews for Harris Tweed Cigar Case Limited Edition

  1. CHIA C.K. (verified owner)

    Perfect size to fit in all cigar essentials. Strap is a great addition and is really comfortable. I love it.

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Perfect cigar case! Elegant yet very practical. Beautiful cigar organizer and can carry so much more than one can imagine.

  3. Sam C (verified owner)

    This beautiful case doesn’t even need a review. Fantastic quality, craftsmanship and value for money!

  4. Jenny B (verified owner)

    What a speedy delivery, I was absolutely amazed how quickly I got the case.
    Packaged with the utmost care and attention to detail, I couldn’t be happier. I bought the cigar case as a gift and the design and quality made his day. Love the Harris Tweed cigar case. Thank you so much. I will definitely be buying from you again.

  5. Pierre (verified owner)

    Very nicely designed, love the Harris Tweed and great Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather lines the interior. A fantastic product!

  6. BK (verified owner)

    Gifted the Harris Tweed cigar case to a dear friend of mine. I left him speechless 🙂

  7. H Safadi (verified owner)

    I was really pleased with my Harris Tweed cigar case which looked even better than the photos. Fantastic product made of high quality materials. I was able to chat with The Cigar Holder online to check about returns and customer service were very helpful.

  8. Garrett Bush (verified owner)

    Our first purchase with The Cigar Holder and what an experience. Good communication throughout, amazing leather and craftsmanship, fast delivery, packaging very presentable. Well played, The Cigar Holder.

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning cigar case and perfect when you want to carry your cigars and a accessories. Perfect size.

  10. Ben P. (verified owner)

    This Harris Tweed cigar case is the perfect size and the strap is long enough as well. You can actually fit four or five cigar accessories, passport, credit cards, and five Robusto cigars which is great. Perfect for a Herf session or daily use.

  11. IAN G. (verified owner)

    Perfect size case for a cigar herf or to run errands. Fits all need needs like cigars, lighter, cutter, and cards. Adjustable strap is also a plus! It’s a must collection for any cigar addict like myself!

  12. Jess (verified owner)

    I saw this cigar case at the Davidoff of London store while on vacation and immediately picked it up to check it out. I loved that it was textured with different materials and had four compartments. It wasn’t too small and just right for me. I left the store without buying it, but since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about that case. After returning to the US, I ordered it online. I wish they would make different designs with the same textured material. I am in love with it!!

  13. Anthony Vidalis (verified owner)

    This cigar case is exceptionally well-made and it surpasses other luxury brands on the market. I look forward to using it for years to come.

  14. Miguel J.P. (verified owner)

    The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding, Very happy that I have decided to purchase this cigar case.

  15. Gareth T. (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning Harris Tweed Cigar Case available in the market. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship. I am extremely delighted with my purchase.

  16. Rose T. (verified owner)

    The quality of the cigar case is top-notch, exactly as described. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  17. Sarah H. (verified owner)

    Beautiful quality. Excellent gift – exactly as it was advertised.

  18. Ashley G. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality!! Extremely happy with my purchase!

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