Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sampler

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Hexagono Sixto II
Nestor IV Toro
Plasencia Alma Fuerte Generacion V



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Welcome to the world of Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sampler, where each cigar represents a legacy of excellence. In this Plasencia Alma Fuerte Sampler, aficionados will discover a curated selection of four remarkable cigars: Hexagono Sixto II, Nestor IV Toro, and Generacion V, each offering a unique smoking experience.

Hexagono Sixto II: Distinctively Shaped Excellence

Hexagono Sixto II stands out with its unique hexagonal shape, a testament to skilled craftsmanship. This cigar captivates with its complex blend, delivering a balance of strength and smoothness. Its distinct shape ensures an even burn, providing a consistently enjoyable experience.

Nestor IV Toro: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Nestor IV Toro is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. This cigar is known for its robust flavours, derived from carefully aged tobaccos. Each puff reveals a story of heritage, meticulously crafted to provide a deep, satisfying smoke.

Generacion V: A Salute to Legacy

Generacion V is a salute to the legacy of the Plasencia family. This cigar, with its rich, full-bodied profile, showcases the art of cigar making. Its complex layers of flavour are a tribute to the generations of expertise behind every Plasencia cigar.

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