We Shall Call Them Cohiba Cigar Book

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Author: Ardargelio Garridido De La Grana
Illustrator: J.Bello
Publisher: Habanos S.A.; First English Edition, 1997
Length: 158 pages


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A phrase repeated with conviction. The very essence of the exacting standards of Celia Sanchez. She herself transformed the word Cohiba into the world’s most coveted Habano brand. Designed for the most demanding of aficionados and connoisseurs alike.

Adargelio Garrido de la Grana tells the story of a unique product. Through a chance smoking by Fidel Castro, it has become a status symbol and a source of pride. As a result, it is the go-to for those savoring exceptional quality.

We shall call them Cohiba, a phrase by Celia which gave name to the best known of today’s Habanos brands, is the title of this work. Rich in anecdotes and hitherto unpublished details. The daily mission of the author is to protect and defend the brand from any devised attempts at piracy and counterfeiting. This is not only through legal means, but through action, arguments, and demonstrative proof of the product’s authentic Cubanness.


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