Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo

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£ 16.99£ 424.80

Length: 4″
Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: medium-full
Origin: Nicaragua

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Elegance Redefined: Each Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo is a masterpiece, crafted with precision. This cigar promises an unparalleled smoking journey, making it the choice for discerning smokers. The Short Torpedo shape, iconic in its design, enhances the flavour profile, ensuring a rich, smooth experience.

Rich Blend: The tobacco, sourced from the fertile regions of Nicaragua, speaks of quality. Its complex blend, yet not overwhelming, delivers a medium to full-bodied taste. The aroma is captivating, with hints of spice and earthiness, evoking the essence of Nicaraguan landscapes.

Perfect For Any Occasion: Whether it’s a quiet evening or a celebratory event, the Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo fits seamlessly. Its luxurious presence makes it more than just a cigar – it’s a statement. The burn is even, the ash, firm – each puff is a testament to its superior craftsmanship.

Convenient Size: The short length of this Torpedo makes it ideal for those moments when time is limited. Enjoy the fullness of a traditional cigar experience in a compact, more manageable form. It’s perfect for both new aficionados and seasoned connoisseurs.

A Promise of Quality: With every Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo, you’re not just purchasing a cigar; you’re investing in an experience. We ensure that each cigar meets the highest standards of quality and excellence, making your smoking experience memorable.

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