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The Origin of Saint Luis Rey Cigars

Zamora y Guerra established the Saint Luis Rey brand in 1940. Its name likely comes from Thorton Wilder’s 1927 novel, ‘The Bridge of San Luis Rey’. Alternatively, its roots might trace back to the San Luis region in Vuelta Abajo, symbolizing its high quality with ‘Rey’, meaning ‘King’.

Resilience Through Revolution

The 1960s marked a new era for Saint Luis Rey with an exclusive UK contract with N.R. Silverstone Cigar Limited. Despite this exclusivity, the brand managed to reach a global audience. By the 1990s, it began exporting worldwide, showcasing its adaptability.

Unique Aroma and Flavor

Saint Luis Rey cigars stand out for their unmistakable aroma and rich ‘bean flavors’. Each cigar, especially the Serie A, demonstrates a commitment to quality. The Londales are notable for their honey sweetness, reflecting the brand’s blending expertise.

Consistent Quality, Evolving Legacy

Saint Luis Rey has maintained its position as a top choice for connoisseurs. It balances tradition with innovation, continuously appealing to new generations of cigar enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

Saint Luis Rey cigars are not just tobacco products; they embody a rich Cuban heritage. They offer a satisfying experience rooted in tradition and quality, enduring through changing times.

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