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In Havana Cigars, vitolas refers to a specific shape, ring gauge and length when a cigar is made.

Two cigars of the same vitola, no matter how they differ in brand, age, commercial name, whether a regular production or a Special Production, are expected to be identical in shape, ring gauge and length.

In the Cuban cigar industry, before or after the Revolution, there are two sets of vitolas names.

The vitolas de galera or factory vitolas, refers to the name the factories give to a certain vitola they make, despite the final products being presented to the customers might have diffrent tobacco blends and each given an individual commercial name.

The vitolas de salida, or commercial vitolas, refer to the names given to the cigars when presented to the customer(is the name you find on the box – the market name).

The vitolas de galera are not stated in the cigar boxes and the customer is not supposed to know them.

For each cigar brand, there may be more than one vitola de salida for each vitola de galera.

Brand: Romeo y JulietaVitola de Galera: Julieta 2 – Vitolas de Salida: Cleamenceau, Churchills, Prince of Wales.

Before 1980, different cigar factories had their own different vitolas de galera. The situation created tremendous confusion for customers. All the different vitolas de galera were united and simplified in the year 1980 – only 72 remained.

Numbers beginning with ”4”, ”5” and ”6” always mean totally hand-made with full leaves. Numbers beginning with ”2” always mean totally machine-made. Numbers beginning with ”7” mean machine-bunched and hand-finished, or can occasionally mean totally hand-made with full leaves.

Totalmente a mano” means Totally handmade.

This hallmark has appeared on the bottom of Havana cigar boxes since 1989. Cigar boxes without this hallmark mean totally machine-made cigars.


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