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What Are The Best Cigars In The UK | The Cigar Holder London
What Are The Best Cigars In The UK

First of all, you have to admire anyone who wants to smoke a cigar these days.

Maybe you’ve smoked a random cigar that your friend handed you, or someone at a wedding party or a new father gifted you. You enjoyed it, and now you want to explore the world of cigars further—and get an indication of the best cigars. But where to start?

Cigars are like wines, both can be characterized as having a light, medium, or full body. A full-bodied cigar will almost certainly have complexity to it, thanks to nicotine and other factors which go into its production. Does it have a tannic taste? What are the leafs used? Is it aged? Is it high in nicotine content? Do the flavors lean on the creamy, sweet, deep side rather than tobacco taste?

Cigar lovers debate where the best tobacco is grown (Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico), whether the best wrapper is from Connecticut, or whether they prefer it Maduro or natural.

They are not set rules! Which drinks do you like? What food do you cook? Do you like chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Is your palate a little more adventurous? What’s the smoking occasion, and how much time do you have?

As a beginner, you definitely have to start with light-bodied cigars or light to medium-bodied cigars. Once your palate starts getting used to it, you can try medium or medium to full, working your way up.

Cigars For Beginners

Beginners Cuban Selection Cigar Sampler

Order at the beginning only cigar samplers. By ordering cigar samplers, you not only reduce the risk of wasting a lot of money but it allows you to discover what notes and preferred flavours. Through sampler packs, you are offered different cigars for you to try, giving you the opportunity to decide which ones you love the most.  Additionally, purchasing a small amount, allows you to check if the merchants are trustworthy or worth the money.

We hope that gives you some indication of which cigars you should purchase. We know they’re not always the easiest to shop with so many choices, but always remember that the best cigar in the world is the one that’s your favorite!


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