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Understanding when a cigar is finished can elevate the smoking experience. It means the smoker has savoured the entire cigar and there’s no tobacco left to light up. Recognising when a cigar is finished isn’t merely about observing its length, but involves several factors.

Factors such as the cigar’s size play a role in how long it lasts. Moreover, the smoker’s pace and conditions under which the cigar is smoked can influence when a cigar is finished.

Burn Rate: The lengthening ash and diminishing cigar often suggest its nearing end. If the ash approaches the final inch, it hints that the cigar is finished or close to it.

Flavour Changes: Flavour is pivotal in cigar enjoyment. A noticeable shift, especially if it turns bitter or harsh, is a good indicator the cigar might be done.

Plugged Cigar: Encountering a plugged cigar can be a dampener. Such a cigar, with airflow issues, can curtail the smoking experience. Packed filler tobacco or a thick wrapper can be culprits. If you come across this issue when figuring out if your cigar is finished, tools can help, but sometimes it’s best to simply choose a new cigar.

Enjoyment: The essence of smoking a cigar lies in pleasure. If the cigar ceases to delight, it might be a signal that the cigar is finished.

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