From old age, the cigar has been a sign of celebration. Dating back to as early as the 1500s, the ritual of smoking tobacco to celebrate was very much a part of Native American traditions. The tribes would smoke tobacco rolled and wrapped in various natural materials, such as palm and husks of horn, at ceremonious and momentous events. This tradition, though changed over time through new technologies and innovative ideas, still holds the same triumphant value. It has been and will continually be used to celebrate the birth of newborns, the engagement of couples, birthdays events, as well as great achievements at work. It seems that on every occasion there is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a cigar.


Weddings are the best occasions to celebrate with a cigar. Possibly one of the most special events in anyone’s life, it is an event that brings people together to celebrate the union of two people in love. At such a memorable event, there really is a great opportunity to enjoy one of our Cuban Cigars or New World Cigars.


A birthday is another example of the prime time to get out your favourite cigar and celebrate a loved one, or better yet celebrate yourself! Birthdays are a special day, one for having your cake and definitely eating it. So, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to one of our Premium Cigars, or better still if you’re feeling super indulgent one of our Vintage Cigars.

Bachelor Party

Your friend is just about to get married to the loved one, make it for the better with our Cuban Cigars, New World Cigars, or one of our Cigar Gifts.

Poker Nights

A fantastic occasion, but one bursting with the opportunity to light up one of our fantastic, hand-rolled cigars is Poker Night. Make sure to win with both hands, playing a royal flush with one and holding a cigar in the other!

Work Achievements

Whether you’ve been promoted, got a new job, or finally signed that business deal you’ve been working on for ages, a celebratory cigar is ideal for those bigger achievements at work. We also stock handmade leather cigar cases and accessories, ideal for gifting to those that deserve recognition.

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