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From time immemorial, cigars have symbolised celebration, epitomizing the essence of smoking cigars occasions. Originating as far back as the 1500s, the ritual of smoking tobacco in Native American traditions marked significant events. They would smoke tobacco rolled in palm or husk materials at pivotal ceremonies. This enduring tradition, evolving through innovative ideas and technologies, continues to mark life’s triumphs. Today, cigars are integral to celebrating births, engagements, birthdays, and significant professional milestones, providing a touch of class and tradition to every notable occasion.


Weddings present a prime occasion for enjoying a cigar. As one of life’s most significant events, celebrating the union of two individuals with a premium Cuban or New World cigar adds an element of grandeur and unity, creating lasting memories.


Birthdays are a personal festivity, an ideal moment to indulge in a favourite cigar. Whether celebrating your own journey or honouring someone special, a Premium or Vintage cigar can make the day exceptionally memorable.

Bachelor Party

Elevate the bachelor party experience with a selection from our Cuban Cigars, New World Cigars, or Cigar Gifts. As a symbolic send-off to marital bliss, a fine cigar can make the occasion even more remarkable.

Poker Nights

Poker nights are synonymous with strategy and camaraderie, and lighting up a hand-rolled cigar can intensify the atmosphere. Celebrate your wins or simply enjoy the game with a quality cigar in hand.

Work Achievements

Marking professional achievements with a cigar is a classy way to celebrate. Be it a promotion, new job, or a successful deal, complement the moment with a handcrafted cigar. Our range includes not just cigars but also handmade leather cases and accessories from Britain, perfect for gifting and personal use.

Browse our exquisite selection of cigars and accessories for every occasion at The Cigar Holder. Experience the tradition and luxury of our handcrafted collections, perfect for celebrating life’s milestones.

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