Bob Dylan’s 10-Year-Old Rye Whiskey: A Spicy Symphony for the Senses

Bob Dylan's rye whiskey
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Celebrity-backed Heaven’s Door Whiskey is Bob Dylan’s brainchild. It’s a standout in the star-driven spirits realm. It boasts a stellar line-up of rye, bourbon, and American whiskey. Its newest release is a 10-year-old rye whiskey. It has a robust flavor profile, perfect for lovers of a bold, spicy rye.

The Heaven’s Door Decade Series is all about the artistry of aging whiskey for a decade. It sounds juvenile for scotch, but in the American whiskey sector, it signifies maturity. Maturing is fast-paced in the U.S due to wide temperature fluctuations, unlike Scotland’s mild climate. The whiskey matured under the changing weather of Indiana and Tennessee, known for their hot summers and cold winters. It’s likely that the whiskey originates from MGP, a reputed whiskey producer.

You might question, “What’s so special about a 10-year-old rye whiskey?” Brands like Templeton, Bulleit, WhistlePig, and Michter’s offer similar aged blends. But, this bottle is different. If you love a 95 percent rye whiskey with a peppery character, this is a perfect match. Master blender Alex Moore reveals that Decade Series 2 is a blend of numerous handpicked rye whiskeys. They were chosen for their distinctive flavors. The nose is treated with banana and apple candy, while the palate unveils licorice, orange, honey, and molasses. It also has rich vanilla and caramel undertones. However, it lacks sweetness and has a hint of bitterness.

Given the flavour palette, this rye whiskey may divide opinions. It’s not your usual easy-to-drink spirit. Like the recently covered Barrell Craft Spirits Private Release Rye, this bottle is for true rye aficionados. Heaven’s Door has been in the spotlight due to their new distillery and revamped core range. But, the brand’s consistent release of top-notch whiskeys stands out more. Credit probably goes to the production team more than Dylan. Still, it’s refreshing to see Dylan steering clear from the usual celebrity trend of backing tequila.

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