Frey Ranch Releases High-Strength Bourbon

The U.S. craft distillery scene is booming, with Nevada’s Frey Ranch distinguishing itself as a frontrunner. The distillery, known for its quality whiskey, has launched a unique variant: the Frey Ranch Strength Bourbon. This release takes their well-loved Four Grain Straight Bourbon to new heights with its full-strength offering.

Previously, Frey Ranch has showcased high-proof whiskeys, such as the 140.18 proof Hazmat Single Barrel Bourbon. Their new offering, the Frey Ranch Strength Bourbon, however, provides a manageable 124.3 proof, akin to many of Booker’s batches. It also retains the grain mix of the Four Grain Bourbon—66.6% dent corn, 10% winter wheat, 11.4% winter rye, and 12% two-row barley. The whiskey ages for roughly five years without chilling before filtering.

Before proofing down the bourbon, co-founder Colby Frey and the team taste it at cask strength. The uncut version’s allure led to the birth of the Frey Ranch Strength Bourbon. They even recommend a side-by-side taste test with their standard 90-proof offering for a comprehensive experience.

Frey Ranch takes pride in its “whiskey farm”, a term coined by co-founders Colby and Ashley. All the grains for their spirits are homegrown on their 1,500-acre farm, near the scenic Sierra Nevada mountains. They oversee the entire process, from malting, distilling, to aging on-site, thus living up to their ground-to-glass ethos. Remarkably, Frey Ranch’s whiskey matches the standards set by famous Kentucky brands like Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, and Buffalo Trace.

For a taste of the Frey Ranch Strength Bourbon, it’s available at select stores in California and Nevada for $80. While the distillery’s web store is sold out, it’s still in stock at other online retailers. If you’re seeking a less potent alternative, the flagship Frey Ranch bourbon and rye are available for order from ReserveBar.

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