Caterham Targets EV Sports: UK’s Innovative Leap with Project V

Caterham's Project V
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Could ‘Caterham Targets EV Sports’ be the phrase that signifies a shift in high-performance electric cars, making them suitable for everyday use?

The Stirring Impact of British Car Brands

The auto industry is all abuzz due to the exciting initiatives of British car makers. Brands like Caterham are not just stepping up to the plate, they’re gearing up to challenge the industry’s big players. Their secret weapon? A new concept named Project V.

Project V: Caterham’s Answer to EV Sports

As Alpine A110S and Lotus Emira stick to petrol, Caterham boldly targets EV Sports with Project V. This isn’t just about being eco-friendly. The ‘light yet potent’ principle that has guided Caterham’s past models is at the very heart of Project V.

Under the Hood: Where Caterham Targets EV Sports

Project V boasts a single electric motor at the rear, delivering an impressive 268 BHP. As a result, it can make a swift 0-62 MPH sprint in just 4.5 seconds (or less). Furthermore, it has an estimated max speed of 143 MPH and a commendable range of 249 miles.

Project V Frame: A Lightweight Innovation

Caterham achieves these impressive stats with a uniquely lightweight frame. Crafted from carbon fiber and aluminum, this design allows for a total weight of just 1,190kg for a three-seat model. Caterham also provides a four-seat option.

On Roads and Tracks: Where Caterham Targets EV Sports

Project V isn’t just designed for daily commuting. It’s set to shine on winding country roads and on the race track. As Caterham’s CEO, Bob Laishley, explains, “Any electric Caterham, regardless of its size or shape, must uphold what sets us apart: lightweight design, simplicity, and an outstanding driving experience. That’s what our brand stands for.”

Looking Ahead: Project V’s Launch

The tagline ‘Caterham Targets EV Sports’ will truly come to life when this groundbreaking vehicle hits the roads in 2025. With a price tag of less than £80,000 GBP/$100,000 USD, this could be a game-changer.


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