Sierra Maestra Collection: Premier Cigar Cases with British Artistry & Tuscan Charm

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Explore the Sierra Maestra Collection, a showcase of expert British craftsmanship blended with the natural beauty of Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather. Each cigar case reflects three days of dedicated work by skilled British artisans. Using time-honored methods and quality Tuscan leather, every piece in the collection celebrates a blend of tradition and luxury, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Features of the Sierra Maestra Collection:

  • Signature Touch: A prominent front pocket adorned with our signature logo exudes a statement of luxury.
  • Safe Storage: Central pouch reinforced with a leather-wrapped metal guardian, accommodating up to 4 cigars of 64 ring gauge or 6 cigars of 43 ring gauge.
  • Magnetic Marvel: Discreetly designed pockets with magnetic tabs ensure your cigar accessories and valuables are secure.
  • Essential Extras: A concealed pocket for cards and a flexible band for your cigar rest, alongside a middle sleeve for your Poker Draw tool or a pen.
  • Swiss RIRI Zippers: The epitome of luxury in functionality with precision-made Swiss RIRI zipper systems.

Leather Excellence: Our Sierra Maestra Cigar Cases are sculpted from the finest Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather, emblematic of top-tier quality and ethical luxury. This leather is celebrated for its absence of toxic substances and commitment to environmental sustainability. Each piece, bearing the distinctive mark of Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana, is a testament to our dedication to quality and ecological responsibility.

Certified Guarantee: We provide a guarantee certificate with each Sierra Maestra case, promising traceability, quality craftsmanship, and the enduring value of vegetable-tanned leather. This commitment to excellence is evident in each tag’s unique serial number, ensuring authenticity and quality.

The Trademarked Guarantee Certificate

The Trademarked Guarantee Certificate

Care for Your Sierra Maestra: Maintain the natural elegance of your Sierra Maestra with gentle care. Use unscented, alcohol-free wipes for cleaning and avoid harsh chemicals. For minor marks, a gentle rub can maintain its pristine condition.

Embrace the Sierra Maestra collection’s fusion of British craftsmanship and Italian elegance. Each cigar case is not just a product but a journey into a world of luxury, heritage, and ethical beauty. Choose Sierra Maestra for a statement that resonates with sophistication and conscious luxury.

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