H. Upmann Cigars: A Timeless Legacy of Quality and Tradition

H. Upmann Cigars

The Genesis of H. Upmann Cigars

In 1844, the Hupmann family, hailing from Britain, embarked upon a new venture by relocating to Cuba. Once there, brothers Hermann and August founded the acclaimed H. Upmann cigar factory at 85 San Miguel Street in Havana. Their nephews, Alberto and German, expanded the family’s influence by establishing a commercial bank in Havana, forging a notable link between H. Upmann cigars and the banking sector.

Rise to Fame and Financial Challenges

The cigars quickly gained a reputation for excellence. By 1891, a new factory on Carlos III Avenue was operational, employing over 200 workers. Despite early success, the family’s fortunes changed in 1922 when their bank became insolvent, leading to the bankruptcy of H. Upmann Cigars. The brand was later acquired by the English company J. Frankau & Co. Ltd, which struggled to stabilize the financial situation.

A New Chapter Under Menendez, Garcia & Co.

In 1937, the Menendez family, prominent in the cigar industry, acquired the factory from J. Frankau S.A. They introduced the Montecristo brand, created in 1935, into the H. Upmann lineup. This strategic decision marked a turnaround, improving the factory’s financial stability and leading to a move to a larger facility at 405 Amistad Street in 1944, which remains the H. Upmann Factory’s home.

Sustaining Excellence Post-Revolution

Despite the Cuban Revolution and the departure of the Menendez family in 1961, production of Montecristo and H. Upmann cigars continued under state-owned Cubatabaco. Over the next 40 years, the cigars retained their popularity, reflecting their lasting quality and charm.

The Unique Character of H. Upmann Cigars

H. Upmann cigars stand out for their straightforward tobacco taste with minimal additional flavours. Initially mild and unassuming, they develop nuanced, complex flavours over time. Remarkably, hand-made H. Upmann cigars can mature into an exquisite bouquet, with their tobacco intensity enduring for decades.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Resilience and Quality

The journey of H. Upmann cigars, from 1844 to the present, showcases resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to quality. These cigars have not only survived but thrived through time, providing aficionados with a timeless smoking experience. Whether an experienced smoker or a newcomer, H. Upmann cigars offer a taste of history in every puff.

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