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The Roots and Innovations

In 1845, brothers Antonio and Ramon Allones founded the Ramon Allones cigar brand. Operating from their La Eminencia Factory at 129 Animas Street in Havana, they brought groundbreaking changes to the cigar industry. They were the first to use color lithography in cigar box art and introduced the cigar band. Additionally, they pioneered the “898” packaging style, marking a significant innovation of their time.

Evolution and Historical Significance

A pivotal change occurred in 1911 when British investors took over, establishing “Allones Limited.” Subsequently, in 1927, the Partagas Factory assumed control, continuing the legacy of Ramon Allones cigars. Prior to the Cuban Revolution, this brand was highly significant at the Partagas Factory, second only to Flor de Tabacos de Partagas.

Steadfast Through Revolution

Remarkably, the Cuban Revolution did not halt Ramon Allones cigar production. Still crafted at the Partagas Factory, these cigars are celebrated for their robust flavors, diverse shapes, and distinct packaging. Despite a reduction in production scale, their quality and character have consistently stood out.

The Quintessential Flavour Experience

Ramon Allones cigars are renowned for their complex yet balanced flavor profile. They exhibit a symphony of floral notes, exotic nuts, herbs, and a hint of honey sweetness. The medium-toasted tobacco foundation lends depth, particularly in hand-made varieties. When aged well, these cigars epitomize the exquisite “new school Cuban taste.”

A Legacy of Cuban Craftsmanship

More than just a smoking pleasure, Ramon Allones cigars symbolize the rich heritage of Cuban cigar making. They remain a prime selection for aficionados who value a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and exceptional taste.

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