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How to cut your first cigar

You cannot smoke a cigar without cutting it. Not removing the cap properly can result in an unpleasant experience. Wrappers will start unraveling which can lead to splitting the cigar. The same effect will have using incorrect or low-quality cutters.

In order to know which cutter to select you should understand first the benefits of each one of them.

#1 V Cutter

Using a V-cutter will give you a generous draw by cutting deeper into the cigar head. Almost all types of different V cutters have a channel inside of them. Find the channel and stick the head of the cigar into it. Hold the cigar firmly and in one swift motion, push your cutter down all the way. Now you will see a perfect cut.

#2 Guillotine

The guillotine is the most well-known type of cigar cutter. Cutter’s double blade will cut the cigar from two sides rather than one.

Is very important to remove only the cap of the cigar. Position the blades right on the cigar, 2 mm inside from the end of the cap. The operation must be fast, surgical in order to do not end with a flayed cigar.

#3 Punch Cutter

To use a punch cutter, hold the blade against the cap of the cigar. Apply light pressure as you rotate the cigar back and forth. Once the blade pierces the cigar cap, continue to rotate and drive the blade into the cigar.

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