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How to light your first cigar

How to light your first cigar is a very important step after selecting and cutting it. You have many options but a torch lighter is the best choice. As a newbie do not use matches, normal cigarette lighters, or petrol lighters. This will affect the flavor/taste of the cigar and it will ruin your smoking experience.

The first step is to hold the cigar in your hands and place the tip above the flame.

Do not place the tip of the cigar directly in the flame or let the flame touch it as it will ruin the flavor. Once you start you would like to get the foot of the cigar hot but not actually lit.

If is done correctly, the end of the cigar will look like ‘toasted’ black but not lit.

Begin puffing on the cigar, then slowly begin to rotate the cigar while continuing to puff. Depending on the size of the cigar, you may have to continue puffing while rotating the open and end above the flame for at least 10 to 20 seconds, until the tobacco around the outer rim begins to glow, and the smoke begins to easily draw.

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