Basic Things You Should Know as a Cigar Smoker

NEVER INHALE YOUR CIGAR Cigars like wine is about taste, flavors, and aromas. You are tasting the cigar through your mouth, not your lungs. Taking the smoke into your lungs could make you sick.

CUT THE CIGAR TOO MUCH As the cigar cap keeps the wrapper from unraveling, cutting too much you can risk ruining the cigar. You should cut just above the rounded shoulders of the head. Read our article How to Cut Your First Cigar to learn more about it.

LIGHT YOUR CIGAR WITH WRONG FUEL Use a lighter that runs on butane gas as this will not affect the taste of your cigar. Using petrol lighter will make it taste like petrol. Read our article How to light your first cigar for more.

CUT YOUR CIGAR IN HALF TO SHARE Cutting the cigar in half is beyond doubt that the cigar wrapper will unravel. On a different note, the tobacco in one end is different form the one in the other end. This to ensure a cool an amazing smoking experience.

SAVE A HALF-SMOKED CIGAR FOR NEXT DAY It’s not worth the effort. A half-smoked after an hour tends to take on the rancid smell and taste of the tars and ash. This will definitely ruin your cigar smoking experience. Never store a partially smoked cigar in your humidor as this will be ruined.

STUB OUT YOUR CIGAR When you finished smoking, let your cigar to go out by itself. A destroyed cigar is unsightly and stubbing it into the ashtray creates more smoke as a result.

Cigars should be a relaxing experience. Enjoy your smokes and let us know your comments!

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