Boveda Butler Device

The Boveda Butler Device is an indispensable tool for cigar connoisseurs, using Bluetooth technology to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels in your humidor are perfectly maintained. With its precise monitoring capabilities, this device is an affordable luxury that sends real-time data to your smartphone, allowing you to preserve your cigars in optimal conditions without ever having to open the humidor lid.

Get Instant Alerts

The Boveda Butler shines with its alert system. When you set it up, the app will ask you to specify ideal humidity and temperature levels. If your humidor’s environment strays from these settings, you’ll get an instant alert on your phone. This way, you’ll know when your cigars need attention.

Track and Analyse Conditions

This device doesn’t just monitor; it keeps detailed records of humidity and temperature. You can look back at this data to see how your humidor’s conditions change over the day or with the seasons.

Mind the Bluetooth Range

Remember that Bluetooth technology has a range limit of about 30 meters. But you can still keep an eye on the Boveda Butler remotely by using another device kept close to your humidor.

Simple Setup

Setting up your Boveda Butler is a breeze. Just download the app and link the device to your phone via Bluetooth. If you’re using several sensors, you can name each one after the humidor it’s tracking. Calibration is easy, too, thanks to the One-Step Calibration Kit included with your purchase. You’ll get highly accurate readings once you complete this step.

Convenient Refills

The starter kit comes with a four-pack of 60-gram Boveda bags in various humidity levels. Plus, the app’s auto reorder feature ensures you’ll always have fresh packs when you need them.

By following these steps, your Boveda Butler will keep your cigars in the ideal condition, so they’re ready to be enjoyed whenever you wish.

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